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Navigating the Maze

It’s no secret that the Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility process can be described as a convoluted maze. Unfortunately, the application process is just as confusing to the average person. Even though Medicaid is a federal program, each State administers its program a little differently.  It’s very easy for applicants to bungle the filing process, either invalidating their eligibility or forcing them to start the process over. Delays like this can not only be frustrating, they can cause applicants to waste thousands of dollars on privately paying for care they should have received coverage for. This is where Trivicus can help.


Trivicus is a Long-Term Care Medicaid application service.  We are not a free service and charge fees for our assistance.  We are not a government agency or a law firm, but we serve as a back-office for elder law firms who need help with their clients.  Our services are available to families who are looking to file for long-term care Medicaid for a spouse or parent, for law firms who need help with managing their cases, and to long-term care facilities.

Our team of Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility specialists will not only prepare your patient’s application, but they will also coordinate and transmit the required documentation in the way most suitable for submission, streamlining the application process, helping get your patient approved quickly. We will represent the patient completely throughout the entire application process: preparing all the necessary documentation, helping to comply with departmental requests for information, and representing the patient through any process-related fair hearings.


Getting Started

How do you get started with Trivicus?

Once you feel that you’re ready to apply for Long-Term Care Medicaid, complete and submit a Trivicus Intake packet. A Trivicus team member will contact you within 48 business hours to review the Intake Packet with you. This a no-obligation call.  Fees for ourr services will be discussed, along with the process and any issues which might make the eligibility process more complicated (like gifting within the lookback period).


After this call is completed and you have decided to engage our services, the applicant will be assigned a Trivicus case manager who will begin the application on the patient’s behalf and work closely with you to ensure approval. Your case manager will request a variety of documents to substantiate any claims made on the application, which will later be submitted to the patient’s local Medicaid office. The case manager will also serve as the patient’s authorized representative with the Medicaid office, helping avoid the common mistakes that do-it-yourself applicants often make.


We keep you informed through the process and are always available to answer questions and guide you along the way.


To download a Trivicus Intake Packet, click here.

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