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It’s no secret that the Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility process can be described as a convoluted maze of misinformation. Unfortunately, the application is just as confusing. With each State having the ability to write and change their own rules at their whim, it’s very easy for applicants to improperly file their application for Medicaid, ruining their eligibility and forcing them to start the process over. Delays like this can not only be frustrating, but they can cause applicants to waste thousands of dollars on privately paying for care when they should have been otherwise eligible. This is where Trivicus can help.

Trivicus operates as a behind the scenes application service for Long-Term Care Medicaid Planners, Elder Law Attorneys and consumers who are ready to apply for Long-Term Care Medicaid but are unsure of where to begin or what to expect. Our team of Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility experts will not only prepare your patient’s application, but they will also arrange the required documentation in the way most suitable for submission, streamlining the process, getting your patient approved that much faster. But our services don’t stop there. We will represent the patient completely throughout the entire application process. This means that we will prepare all the necessary documentation, comply with departmental requests for information, and represent the patient throughout the Fair Hearings process. We will not stop until your patient has been approved!

So how do you get started with Trivicus? Once you feel that you’re ready to apply for Long-Term Care Medicaid, complete the Intake Packet. 

Trivicus representative will contact you within 48 hours to review the Intake Packet with you to ensure our accuracy. Once this call is completed, the applicant will be assigned a caseworker who will complete an application on the patient’s behalf. The caseworker will request a variety of documents to substantiate any claim made by the Long-Term Care Medicaid application. The information will then be arranged in the most efficient manner for submission. From here, your caseworker will handle all interactions with the Long-Term Care Medicaid office for your patient, allowing the applicants to get much needed rest and freeing up valuable time for their advisers. This is Long-Term Care Medicaid Made Easy.

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